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Procure Ai is deeply committed to information security and data privacy, integrating these principles into all aspects of our operations seamlessly. This page provides an overview of the key frameworks, regulations, and certifications relevant to our company and products.

For a more comprehensive understanding of our security, privacy measures, and compliance protocols, kindly consult the dedicated section in our documentation.


ISO 27001 Logo
ISO 27001
ISO 27001 SoA Logo
ISO 27001 SoA
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Product Security

Audit Logging
Data Security
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Data Security

Backups Enabled
Data Erasure
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App Security

Code Analysis
Secure Development Training
Software Development Lifecycle
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Data Privacy

Privacy Whitepaper


We take great care to work with best-in-class infrastructure providers that provide secure computing and storage. We are happy to provide more details about our infrastructure upon request.

Endpoint Security

Disk Encryption
Mobile Device Management
Threat Detection

Corporate Security

We implement internal measures and practices to maintain a high standard of security.


Acceptable Use Policy
Access Control Policy
Anti-Malicious Software Policy
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Security Grades

Procure Ai public website
Security Scorecard A grade
Qualys SSL Labs
Demo Production *

If you think you may have discovered a vulnerability, please send us a note.

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